Appraisal Ops

AIMS provide appraisal independence management tools to regain safe and sound business controls related to appraisal operations.

Appraisal Independence Management System

AIMSdashboard offers the Appraisal Independence Management System (AIMS) as a discrete Web-based application (SaaS) with limited dependencies.

This enables AIMS to serve both small and large lenders; and quickly deliver new functionality to meet the changing needs of the lending community. 

All users need is a Web browser and the right credentials to access the application. User organizations are liberated from the "techie stuff", managing the application and installing upgrade releases. 

The benefits of a Web-based application include rapid delivery of new features, functions, and product suites to address the ever changing regulatory environment. The needs of unique use cases can be crafted and delivered in a more effecient manner as well.

Both your organization and your business partners can be up and running quickly.

We invite you to read our AIMS Features and Benefits pages to learn more about the application.

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