Appraisal Ops

AIMS provide appraisal independence management tools to regain safe and sound business controls related to appraisal operations.

The People of AIMSdashboard

AIMSdashboard, LLC represents the combination of decades of experience in mortgage lending, property appraisal, and information technology (IT).

Chris Williams: President and Chief Technology Officer

  • Chris is a 15-year veteran of the Information Technology and Services industry and has worked with IT giants like Cisco Systems and EMC. Chris worked with PolyServe, a software startup acquired by HP. At the time of PolyServe's acquisition, Chris joined Avanade, a subsidiary of Accenture (with minority stake held by Microsoft). Avanade is a global systems integrator and IT consulting firm.  
  • Chris has been recognized as an entrepreneur as he has treated his responsibilities within the various firms as "franchise" opportunities. His clients have recognized Chris for his technical acumen, business focus, and people process coordination. Chris has tenaciously challenged himself to learn the industries of his clients, to understand the technical and business value delivered by his "franchised" solutions, and to cooperatively map an optimized program to deliver that value to the client's stakeholders needs and requirements. His experience within the IT industry has bolstered Chris' skill set to include the mature understanding of business operations, information operations, portfolio management, and the respective methodologies of these disciplines.
  • Prior to his work in the IT industry, Chris established himself as serial entrepreneur. He was the co-owner of Carolina Appraisers, a real estate appraisal firm based in Raleigh, NC. Chris was the Principal and founder of Double Haul Sales Group, an independent sales firm for the fly fishing industry. 
  • At Carolina Appraisers, Chris' passion for process efficiency led him to introduce networked technologies and data extraction/insertion from the many varied information sources used by the firm’s appraisers. Additionally, Chris led efforts to standardize the results of adjustment regressions, comp selection, and other such quality controls. The business goals associated with these activities were based on the desire to achieve a higher degree of reliability in the valuation process while increasing the capacity of the appraisers performing work for the firm.

A. H. A. (Baldy) Williams, III: Vice President, Compliance

  • Baldy is a longtime industry veteran, and a noted mortgage and appraisal authority. He is a certified USPAP instructor. Baldy is the owner and founder of Triangle Appraisal & Real Estate School. Thousands of appraisers and banking professionals leverage continuing education courses taught by Baldy each year. Baldy also helped establish the North Carolina Professional Appraisers Coalition as a founding member.
  • On the mortgage side of the industry, Baldy formed and led Atlantic Mortgage as the owner and mortgage banker principal for the firm. Atlantic Mortgage was both a correspondent lender and a mortgage brokerage firm. Baldy's extensive experience in appraising and mortgage lending have deep roots to his impressive experience as a realtor, builder, and developer. Williams & Associates, Baldy's real estate and development company, developed anchor tenant neighborhoods throughout Raleigh, Cary, and eastern North Carolina building well over 700 homes in the 70's and 80's.
  • Baldy's industry experience is coupled with his bent as a serial entrepreneur. As parallel enterprises, Baldy co-founded a variety of residential housing focused companies including a building supply company, lighting business, and carpet center. He also had the vision to support the burgeoning cable industry, and helped bring the SuperStation to Wilson as a co-owner of the local programming outlet for eastern NC. Baldy's extensive experience in appraising and mortgage lending has deep roots.

AIMSdashboard, LLC combines mortgage industry expertise and specialized IT capability to help preserve the strong and vital professional relationships within the lending and real estate communities while ushering in the variety of loan program and regulatory changes cascading through the industry. AIMSdashboard's Appraisal Independence Management System (AIMS) enforces lender policies and offers evidence of Appraisal Independence.

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